I am so glad I found your store!!! It’s so hard to find these styles, thanks and I’m look forward to seeing my order!
Thanks Nikki
December 19, 2021

Wow! These panties are so sexy! I have a major fetish for satin panties and the shiny satin fabric makes me go crazy!
November 30, 2021

You are like the perfect woman. You have the most amazing butt, you love to wear lingerie and you love to have men wear panties. Heaven!
October 5, 2021

Received this for my lady 💕. Very happy..
September 18, 2021

Who ever have modeling ur panties is such a big seller! Just wanted u to know that! She fills out a perfect pair of satin panties
July 23, 2021

Been buying a lot from u!!! Love ur products! Ur affiliated w Anias Poison right?? Same company and panties?? I absolutely love the quality of the product u produce!!!! Keep up the excelence!!!!
June 16, 2021

Hi ..Lace Duchess
The custom panties I ordered just arrived today, they are just perfect in every way ..thank you so much
Would love to order the same with the baby blue shiny foil if you have that fabric ..please let me know
Thanks …
June 13, 2021

Hi lace duchess! I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and anime fan since starting to watch anime in the late 90s. I own all of SM anime on DVD along with Sailor Moon jacket, have a SM t shirt and my own pair of pink SM panties. Sailor Mars Rei Hino is my favorite of all the sailor soldiers, and these panties are very well made. Thanks! I will be buying these sailor mars panties today.
June 25, 2020