Sissy Satin Panties Random SURPRISE mens shiny String Bikini 2 piece GIFT SET

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Brand: Ania's Poison
Please read carefully!
This is a gift set of TWO random panties in the size that you choose. Both will be different and may even be a pattern or color that you've never seen before, but you can not choose exactly which ones.
Please do not message us to ask for specific colors or patterns.
If you would like a Gift Box, please make sure to select the "SIZE with Gift Box" option.

These are hipster style, designed for men not women (unless you like the front puffy) For the ideal fit your waist/hips should be somewhere in the middle of the range not at the beginning or the end
Sizes are as follows:
S will range from 22-32"
M will range from 24-36"
L will range from 26-40"
XL will range from 28-44"
XXL will range from 30-48"
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